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-our standards.

A Glimpse Of What We Offer

We simply strive to make sure that your brand is getting the nourishment, growth and reach that it deserves. You work hard to build your business we work hard to display your value.

Be Heard

We take pride in being the subject matter experts in the mobile app industry. Our clients are our #1 Priority. We want to make sure you are heard. We provide everything you need to reach us at any time and provide peace of mind that all your concerns can be addressed.

Tuned to Perfection

Taking action will spark your results. The next vital step is optimizing your reach to make sure you are achieving the best ROI for your campaign. We step in and fine tune every aspect of your campaign to make sure that you are getting the highest quality performance based results.

Precise Targeting

In today’s social media driven world you want to reach the right people. Not just anyone but the exact people who your app or mobile content is made for. Whether it’s a game, a utility or even a specific medical app. You have a target audience and we have the data, targeting and skill to help you reach your exact market.

client relationships

Building Relationships

We believe that building relationships with our clients is vital to our growth. We also realize that in today’s business world there are many options out there and so all we ask is that you give us 1% of your trust and let us gain the other 99% with results.


Our Quality Work

Trust is built on the belief in the importance of each relationship we establish, we value each and every relationship and work to provide equally great results across the board.


Performance In High Gear!

Many times seeing ‘performance based’ marketing is a way to settle your fears of the cost it will take to get you results. We do not waste your time that way. We may not match anyone else’s prices but we guarantee you they will not match our service and support either.

Our President

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    Julio C. Medina

    Founder and President

    About Julio C. Medina

    Julio Medina is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force where he served as military police for over 7+ years Active Duty. His passion even while serving was online marketing and specifically in the mobile industry. With the introduction of the iPhone and the App Store he knew it was time to take action on his dream and launched Medevelopment Mobile Inc.(pronounced Me Development) partly because just as the mobile industry is ever changing and growing individually it is Julio’s personal vision to never stop learning and developing himself personally and professionally.

Mobile App Aquisitions 87%
App Design 60%
ASO - App Store Optimization 70%
App Discovery 67%
Performance Based Marketing 100%
Repeat Customers
Referral Work

Clients and Partners

We have years of experience providing top notch brand development services to top quality companies throughout the world. We can help you regardless of being a small local business or fortune 500!
  • Testimonial
    Mary Nimish, COO, Business Ventures

    In today's world it's not just enough to develop your app and get it into the app stores. Medevelopment Mobile helped us get our app discovered and installed by hundreds of thousands of users across the globe.

  • Testimonial
    John A., 3X Media

    I am more than impressed with the attention to detail that this company puts into each and every plan of action. We continue to see success in our mobile marketing reach with the guidance and determination provided by Julio and his team.

  • Testimonial
    Jennifer B. / Co-Founder,

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The insights that your team has provided have given us immeasurable value.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

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